How to Boost Your Local SEO and Attract More Customers

June 15, 2022
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One of the best methods to connect with local consumers online and improve traffic to your physical presence and website is through local SEO. You need local SEO solutions if your search terms or phrases are dominated by Google Maps listings on the first page of results. You need to do this if your rivals are ranked higher than you on Google.
People searching for local companies on Google are presented with a list of businesses in their immediate area, all of which were chosen because of their SEO. You won’t show up in the results of local Google searches if you’re not engaging in local SEO. If you’re a business that mostly or exclusively sells locally, you should also consider local SEO.
It’s not always as simple as it looks to get your business listed in local searches. When it comes to showing up high in local search results, there are various things to consider. Here, we’ll go through the primary impacts of local SEO, how to execute on-page optimization, and why you need local SEO for your business in this post.
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What does “local SEO” mean?

First, you must know what local SEO is before learning how it works. When it comes to local SEO, optimizing your website for location-based searches is the goal.
Search terms like “personal trainer Los Angeles California” might be ideal if you’re a personal trainer in the area.
Customers looking for your service or product in your city or region might be reached by using local SEO instead of a general search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

What affects local search engine optimization (SEO)?

You should be aware of the numerous aspects that impact and contribute to how you rank while learning how to properly execute local SEO. Despite the fact that certain elements are more important than others, it is the sum of all of these criteria that allows your business to stand out and get high rankings in local SEO.

1. The significance

For Google, it’s all about making life easier for its users. As a consequence of these considerations, Google displays the local SEO results it believes best match the searcher’s needs in order to maximize the user’s experience. Google is better able to interpret your company listing if you offer it all the information it needs, so it ranks you higher in local SEO results.

2. Proximity

A user’s current location is used by Google to estimate travel time because not every search includes an explicit location specification. To find an Italian restaurant near you, a user may type in “Italian restaurant” or something similar. The search engine will determine the closeness based on the searcher’s known location.

3. Reputation

If a business has built a strong online reputation, it has a better chance of showing up in local search results. If a firm is well-known, Google will give it a higher ranking in search results. Other important elements are also taken into account by Google when determining the popularity of your company.
Your company’s success is directly related to the number of favorable reviews and ratings it receives.

On-page optimization for local SEO: a step-by-step guide

On-page optimization for local SEO is an ongoing process that involves frequent monitoring and adjustment. For local SEO, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Title tags and headers should be optimized.

You may boost your local search results by simply optimizing the title tags on your website’s web pages. In the title tag, you can include your location. Instead of “Absolute Fitness,” consider having your title tag “Absolute Fitness | Los Angeles, California.” ” Search engines will understand that your coffee business has a connection to Los Angeles if you do this.
As a consequence, those looking for personal trainers in Los Angeles are more likely to see your ad.
Similar keywords and phrases should be included in the page’s primary headers as well. Make sure you don’t keep using the same key phrases.
Even if you use synonyms, your page’s content will still be understood. There are certain advantages to using variants of your target keywords in your headlines, as they are utilized to frame the content that follows.

2. Format your NAP.

You may use NAP as a reference to your full name, address, and phone number. It’s important to include these on your website as well as on your Google My Business page. As part of your Google Business Profile, this information must be current.
It’s possible to get your business online with Google if you’re wondering if it appears in local searches. Don’t forget to mention your company hours and make sure your NAP is consistent across all of your business listings.

3. Add a map to the page.

Users will have an easier time locating your business if you have a Google map on your website. Users in your area are more likely to click on a live map than a list of directions or nothing at all. When you put a Google map on your website, visitors can see where your business is located in relation to them and receive directions to your location.

4. As a last step, make it clear what the user should do next.

Conversion is the ultimate aim when a visitor views your page. Calls to action are the greatest approach to guarantee that a user understands what you want them to do. Calls to action that stand out include a mechanism for the visitor to get in touch with you and a clear message about what the next step is.
Your calls to action will stand out more if you use buttons on your page. When your business has many locations, you should tailor your call to action to each location in order to improve your local search results. “Look for an open reservation in Los Angeles,” for example.

5. Publish customer feedback and testimonials

To determine whether or not customers select your local business over a competitor, online reviews play a significant role. Almost eight out of ten consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. As a business, it’s critical that you respond to online customer evaluations in a timely and professional way.

How does this affect your neighborhood business?

You can be losing out on sales if you don’t have any client testimonials or reviews. That being said, there is an easy cure for this. The more evaluations you get from current clients, the more likely you are to attract new ones.
These might enable you to rise in local search engine results.

6. Improve the responsiveness of your website to mobile devices.

To put it another way, Google values a positive user experience more highly. If you search for a local coffee shop on your smartphone, you’ll likely click on the first item that appears in the search results. However, once you reach the website, you’ll see that the visuals are distorted and the writing is illegible.
What are you going to do? If you’re like most people, you’ll return to the search results and select the next choice displayed. Make sure your sites are suited for tablets and smartphones to avoid losing potential purchases.
Prospective customers will leave your website if images are obscured or if they must scroll sideways to read your text. It doesn’t have to be difficult to create a mobile-friendly website. A responsive website may be launched by a web design agency anywhere in the U.S., from Seattle to Miami.
There are certain circumstances when they may even help you improve your website for search engine optimization, saving your team some time.

Alfamedio is an expert in local search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a part of our business for over 15 years. When it comes to digital marketing, we’ve got a good handle on how Google works. We do a thorough investigation of both your business and your industry.
Similar to this, we’ll go deep into your business to find out what your rivals are doing, assess your existing approach, and make changes to your local SEO plan to better serve your company’s needs. Your website will be audited to decide where our efforts should be focused. Our local SEO methodology is broken down into three stages:

  1. Execution: Putting your local SEO plan into action
  2. Reporting entails gathering data to determine what works and what does not.
  3. Refining your approach is a way to improve.

It’s easy to get an excellent local SEO plan if you follow these three steps with the help of an expert from our team!

Alfamedio is your neighborhood SEO expert.

It might be difficult to achieve high rankings in local search results, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, we’re here to help you out with that! We’ll get you to the top of the search results and help you get a better ROI in no time!
Improve your local search rankings by working with one of our specialists. Learn more about our local SEO services and how to get started by contacting us right away!


Kamil Krystman is an SEO expert with 13 years of experience. In 2013, he founded Alfamedio LTD, a company that specializes in search engine optimization and digital marketing services for small businesses.

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